Greetings readers,

The Ordinary Tavern Project (OTP) focuses on the history and archaeology of a known archaeological site located in southern New Jersey. An early 19th century tavern presently stands on the property. The structure is undergoing restoration and will be open to the public in the near future. The property is managed by the Ocean County Park’s Service.¬†Tabitha C. Hilliard, the creator of OTP, has chosen this historic site as the focus of her capstone project. She is required to develop and submit a capstone project at the conclusion of her professional studies certificate program, hosted by Michigan State University through the Institute on Digital Archaeology (MSUDAI, #msudai). OTP will be passed over to the Ocean County Park’s Service at the conclusion of this DigiArch program.

The purpose of OTP is to use a variety of digital mediums to encourage community engagement with the site itself. OTP relies on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) to offer continuous progress reports to the public. The OTP website will offer a monthly update about the status of the project and will provide visitors the opportunity to beta test a hypertext game. This game will provide visitors with both an architectural focused tour and an archaeological tour. In the future, the OTP website will serve as a dumping ground for any and all materials related to the history of the tavern, on-going archaeology projects and any additional public programs or restoration efforts.

The official launch date for OTP and the completed hypertext game is tentatively scheduled for August 30, 2016- a preview presentation announcing the launch will be hosted on the 19th by Michigan State University’s DAI¬†Conference.

Stay tuned for future updates.